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June 16, 2014


2nd litter planned for June or July. Possibility of a 3rd litter if enough potential homes with deposits for out pups.

There is an adoption form to fill in, if interested. This helps us insure the potential owner and the Manchester Terrier breed is a good match. For a form please email Moonshadowspage@sympatico.ca or kentnjodi@gmail.com

We will only breed when there are potential homes for our puppies. $50 deposits will be taken to hold a puppy and keep your position on the waiting list. You can defer to the next litter.

The number of litters we have per year depends on how many potential homes we have for our pups. Generally we do not bred if we do not have the right homes lined up for our puppies.

We bred for health, structure and temperament. We do not want to see our breed go extinct which is purpose for breeding. This breed is much to great a companion to have that happen. It is a vulnerable breed now and their numbers are declining. Consider a purebred to save the breed!

We have overseas bloodlines so our Manchesters tend to be bigger than American lines. This is due to the fact that only in America are the Toy and Standards considered the same breed. Also Overseas lines do not have weight in their Breed Standards. So usually our bitches 20-24 lbs and dogs are 22 – 26 lbs. Fifteen to seventeen inches at the shoulder.

Occasionally, we help home adult dogs that are in need of new homes. Some of these may need patience and understanding to allow them to trust and accept their new homes. Please call if interested if finding out more about how to keep you name down for this. 905-382-6627.


Moonshadows in Niagara Falls with Sandy & Simon Cunniff may do a Rough Collie litter if enough deposits from potential puppy owners. We like to be sure we have homes for our puppies before they go to homes. Tri and Blues should be in this litter.

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