2022 Planned Litters

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Standard Manchesters, Rough & Smooth Collies

Deposits for Standard Manchester Terriers being accepted for 2022 and 2023 litters.

Adoption forms are available for our upcoming litters.  Next litter due July 7th, 2022

For US people, due to the border closure those that have not yet sent a deposit will keep their position until the time of breeding. As we do not want to hold deposits ahead of time not knowing where the border stands.

Thank you to all those that have shown interest in these wonderful breed.

We try to always have homes lined up for our puppies prior to doing a breeding. Our pups are usually all spoken for before they are born with deposits.

As this is a rare and vulnerable breed with only a few breeders especially in Canada and Eastern and Mid-Eastern States.

SORRY, WE ONLY HAVE STANDARDS usually 20 to 26 lbs. Due to overseas bloodlines which Breed Standards go by height not weight.

Co-ownership homes are sometimes available to those that will be willing for their dog to be shown or bred. Available for Canadian Owners. This allows us to extend our breeding program with the dog having it’s own home to have more love and attention than a multi-dog household. If you are willing to help keep the breed thriving please let us know you would be interested in this option.

For more pictures and information check out Moonshadows Manchester Terriers Facebook page.




Rough and Smooth Collies

Presently a waiting list is started for our next litter of Rough and Smooth Collies

We breed for health, temperament, and structure for a healthy pet and/or show dog. 

Below is Cheyanne a pup from the 2017 litter of Cooper and Lady.

The picture is of Moonshadows Cheyenne a pup we showed 2017 and 2018 out of Cooper and Lady. Got her Canadian Championship in 2018.

All our dogs live in our house and our place is inspected yearly by the Niagara Falls Humane Society before we can get our kennel license.

Website under construction. 

For more pictures and information check out Moonshadows Manchester Terriers Facebook page.


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