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I come to you! This is less stressful for your pet in their own comfortable environment. No tranquilizers used.

Serving the Niagara Area –  St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Welland areas.

What you need: Someone to help hold the cat. The cat’s nails will be cut first, then a cone or muzzle will be put on his head to prevent biting. If a very nervous cat you may want to pick up Feliway spray from your vet, Petsmart will have something similiar. Or sometime you can get a sedative pill from your vet. If the cat has to be put completely sedated, I can do it at the Ridgeway Animal Clinic.

You will need a table, counter, washer or dryer or some surface you can disinfect if the cat pees or poops while being done. Sometimes they will do that if nervous. A Dollar Store rubber matt like a bathtub non-slip matt. Shampoo if wanting the cat bathed. If being bathed, a plastic bowl or old margarine container or similiar and a sponge. Cats are towel dryed so a towel. Cats are left to air dry as they prefer not to be blown dry. You will need an electrical outlet and good lighting.  Possibly and extension cord but my cord is quite long.

Nails only are $25 the first cat and $5 – $10 each additional pet. Includes ear cleaning for cats or dogs. Nails can be rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, dogs, or cats.

Brushouts: $40 per hour includes ears cleaning and nails.

This is a quick refresh brush out.

De-shedding $45 per hour if not matted but heavily coated includes ear cleaning and nails.

This is a thorough brush out. Very minimum if any hair will come out with a comb at completion.

Dematting with deshedding is $55 per hour and up depending on condition and temperament of the cat. Severe matting must be take off with clippers.

Clipping out a few matts, or sanitary clips are $35.

Haircuts start at $70 for lion cuts and short clips and other styles. Body cuts not including legs are $60 if no matting. Matted coats will be more depending on the severity of the matting. If severely matted maggots, sore and raw skin and cuts can be under the coat not seen til the hair is taken off. The cat could also have bald patches due to the hair pulling on its skin.

Partial clips for example under neck, sanitary area, under forelegs are usually $35 including nails and ears.

I am very fair with my pricing. Due to travelling time and time involved working on your cat. Most of my clients are an hour travelling time alone. Mileage is usually included in the pricing. I will let you know when I quote you if the mileage will be more. Usually I try to do people in the same area at the same time to reduce any mileage fees.

Baths are usually $10 – $15 more depending on temperament of the cat.

Hours of Grooming is usually Monday to Friday from 8 am until 3 pm. Sometimes I can make other arrangements and do evenings if day time hours do not work.

I can be reached by leaving a phone message anytime between 7 am and 10 pm. 905-382-6627 or call or text 905-973-0165.

Look foward to hearing from you.