I come to your place and groom your cat in your home. This is more comfortable and less stressful for you pet.

What you need is a table and electric plug.

For more information call me at 905-382-6627. I cover the whole Niagara Area.

I have 20 years experience with cats. Have been doing housecall grooming now for 3 years. Prices range from just nails $25 first cat and $5 each additional cat. If the cat needs a bath it is usually $10-$15 more. Lion cuts usually are $40 if matted $50 severely matted $60 – $75 depending on distance and temperament of the cat.

I serve Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls, and St. Catharines areas.

Veterinarian and Client recommended.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Sandy

We have started our waiting list for puppies Collies in 2021. First litter is due to be born April 4th.

We do not like our Manchesters to go into homes in the colder months as they then usually do not get the socialization and exposure that they need to be well adjusted dogs.

We may have three older females available if we find the right home close by. As this way we could have them visit and adjust before leaving for a new home. Both will be spayed and up to date on shots. Also a 2 year old spayed female needing to be rehomed due to allergies. Prefer people with rescue or Manchester experience. 

We are accepting adoption forms again as a lot of our people in the States and we will not know to closer to the time if they will be able to get their puppies across the border. Call 905-382-6627 or email for an adoption form. Moonshadowspage@sympatico.ca.  or kentnjodi@gmail.com. Or messenger Jodi at our facebook page.

For pictures and more information on us visit our facebook page.