Rough Collies

Why A Collie?

  • Collies are a very versatile breed used as service dogs, obedience, agility, herding and protecting livestock. They can excel at almost any discipline you ask of them.
  • Collies are very sensitive to their owners needs
  • Collies have saved lives by alerting people of issues with children, livestock and older people. As seen in the old Lassie movies and dog show. They truly showed the true nature of a Collie.
  • They will protect you if needed but can sense instinctly when the situation turns safe. So can be well trusted.
  • Very gentle with children and other pets.
  • Want to please
  • Easy to train with soft handling and correction

Our first Collie was a drop off dog. We had him for 13 years. I had always wanted a Collie but growing up with Shelties I did not want difficult coat to keep up. I found with the Rough Collie once you deshed it in the Spring and Fall when the coat is shedding out. A good thorough brushing will get rid of the loose hair and then it is just a good weekly brushing to keep on top of it.

I am so thankful that I actually had this dog come to us. He was such a great gift. He is why we got into Collies. His name was Mogley.

We have two rough tri colour female collies. Rain has done one show so far but is young and her coat is slow growing. She has lovely movement and very sweet tempered. Loves to herd my husband and I.

From Lady and Cooper we have Sassy a Sable Rough puppy. Hope to have her showing a bit this year. She has lots of coat and very sweet tempered. Her and Rain are great playmates.

Rain is a lovely tempered tri-colour rough. We are planning on breeding her with a blue rough. So would have rough and blue pups. Will only be doing the breeding if we have a waiting list for some of the pups. So we know for sure they will have homes. An adoption form will be needed to to filled in and a deposit to hold a puppy.

We have been fortunate to co-own Rain with Cardross Collies she is Beth’s breeding. Thank you Beth for trusting us to have your lineage. Registered name Cardross When It Rains. Sire Ch.Cardross Chain Reaction and Dam Ch. Uneeda Bare Naked Lady.