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Why A Collie?

  • Collies are a very versatile breed used as service dogs, obedience, agility, herding and protecting livestock. They can excel at almost any discipline you ask of them.
  • Collies are very sensitive to their owners needs
  • Collies have saved lives by alerting people of issues with children, livestock and older people. As seen in the old Lassie movies and dog show. They truly showed the true nature of a Collie.
  • They will protect you if needed but can sense instinctly when the situation turns safe. So can be well trusted.
  • Very gentle with children and other pets.
  • Want to please
  • Easy to train with soft handling and correction

Our first Rough Collie was a drop off dog. I am so thankful that I actually had this dog come to us. He was such a great gift. He is why we got into Collies. His name was Mogley. We had him for 13 years.

I had always wanted a Collie but growing up with Shelties I did not want a difficult coat to keep up. However, I found with the Rough Collie once you de-shed it in the Spring and Fall when the coat is shedding out it is not hard to manage.  A good thorough brushing will get rid of the loose hair and then it is just a good weekly brushing to keep on top of it.

Due to burs being a problem on our farm we decided to have a Smooth Collie as our next Collie. Though they are busier they are easier to maintain if you go into wooded areas or are on a Country property. Some do shed  more constantly than a Rough Collie. Cooper sheds all year long. Lady our other Smooth mainly sheds like a rough twice a year. They have the same intelligence and good nature as the Rough Collies.

Lady, a Smooth Collie, Sable tri-factored, rough factored female is out of Dancer’s litter sister. Dancer was our first home raised Collie Champion. Lady has done very well at the limited shows she has entered. Lady is the Granddaughter of our first Smooth bitch which we got from South Carolina from Hawkeire Collies. She is a Canadian Champion who received Select Bitch at the Specialty Show in Georgina. Lady has lots of expression and is a lovely mover with great outgoing temperament. It was her first time back in the show ring after receiving her Championship years before. So it was a great surprise!

We have also been blessed with Cooper a sable merle Smooth Collie, from Erin at Tir Nan’ og Collies. He is a super sweet tempered dog and a good mover. He has done well for us at shows. He puts his movement and temperament into his pups. Thanks Erin for trusting us to give him a good home. He has his CKC Grand Champion and also went Select Male at the same Specialty Show as Lady. Cooper also is a US Champion who won over many specials.

Cooper is very laid back where Lady is more high energy. 

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