Rough or Smooth Collies planned for 2021

We are taking contact names and numbers for Rough Tri and Smooth Collie pups planned for Spring/Summer of 2021.

We will only breed if we have a waiting list to be sure we have homes for most of the pups that we bring into the world before breeding. Our goal with our breeding program with Collies is to eliminate CEA in our lines while keeping the integrity of the bred. A waiting list has been started for Smooth and Rough Collie puppies in 2021.

Our rough tri coloured girl, Rain is due on April 4th bred to our Fri-factored Smooth Sable Merle boy, Cooper we will have both coat types and expect all colours. June expected time frame to go into new home.

Lady our Tri-Factored Sable will also be bred when she is this Spring when she comes into heat. Sire not yet determined but will be a Sable Merle Rough or Blue Merle Rough so both coat types and all colours expected. Late Summer early Fall approximate time frame to go into homes.

Adoption forms will be sent on the day of birth and deposits taken when reviewed.

We are taking names and contact information now for people wanting to be on our waiting list for Collies. We do not do a breeding if I do not have a number of people on our list. Just your name and contact number is needed to start. Once the litter is born  We will take deposits to be sure we have homes available for the new born puppies. For Collies since we do not know what coat colour or variety until after they are born we have a waiting list but do not take deposits until that time. There will also a be a adoption form and questionnaire to be filled in at this time. 

We occasionally have Collie and/ or Manchester Terrier young adults or older puppies available.

Manchester Terriers litters are planned for 2022.

We take deposits starting late Summer for the following year. With our Manchesters we plan our breeding by selecting suitable homes via a adoption form questionnaire and follow up information. 

Sorry nothing will be available now for 2021. All our puppies from this years litters have their homes to go to. 

Presently there are two adult Manchester Terrier females over six years of age. Please phone for more details. Manchester experienced homes preferred. Dog training experience a must.

We are now taking adoption forms for 2022 Manchester Terrier litters. 

If interested or you have any other questions please call

Sandy at 905-382-6627,  email

PHONE CALLS PREFERRED on landline 905-382-6627