Manchester Terriers litters planned for 2022

We are taking names for a litter due July 7th ready to go in September.

Manchesters are a very rare breed and only about 5 breeders of Standards across Canada. So if you are serious on getting a Manchester you may need to wait a year or two. With our Manchesters we plan our rehoming of our puppies by selecting suitable homes via an adoption form questionnaire and follow up information. 

Rough or Smooth Collies 2022

We are taking contact names and numbers for Rough and Smooth Collie puppies planned  Fall 2022.

Our goal with our breeding program with Collies is to eliminate CEA in our lines while keeping the integrity of the bred.

We do not like to do a breeding if we do not have a number of people on our list. Just your name and contact number is needed to start for Collies. A deposit is taken at the time of breeding. Then once the litter is born and two weeks of age we get a second deposit. We do this to be sure we have homes available for the newborn puppies. 

If interested or you have any other questions please call

Sandy at 905-382-6627,  email

PHONE CALLS PREFERRED on landline 905-382-6627

or go to our facebook page, Moonshadows Manchester Terriers Facebook,


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