Moonshadows Kennel

Breeders of Quality Standard Manchester Terriers

At Moonshadows Kennel, we have been showing and breeding for over 30 years. We breed Canadian Kennel Club Registered Standard Manchester Terriers.

Sandy and Simon Cunniff, Monnshadows Kennel Breeders.

Our main purpose in breeding is to preserve this breed with health, quality and good temperament. Manchester Terriers are recognized worldwide as a vulnerable breed and are in danger of extinction.

We are dedicated to producing quality Standard Manchester Terriers for performance, breeding/show and family pets. All of our dogs are loved pets and show dogs who live with us in our homes as part of our family.

We specialize in European and Australian bloodlines and our dogs generally mature between 15-30 lbs.

About Us

Breeders of Standard Manchester Terriers

Sandy Cunniff

My main purpose in breeding is to preserve Manchester Terrier breed with healthy, quality, and good temperament.

Canadian Manchester Terrier Club board member.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Simon Cunniff

I do most of the show handling of Sandy and my dogs. Both of us do the training.

Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Jodi Parkinson

Jodi looks after our Facebook page. She shows and trains her dogs in conformation, obedience, rally obedience, agility and scent work.

Jodi is on the board for the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club.

Located in Regina, Saskatchewan.


I have been involved with dogs my whole life they are my world. In grade school I volunteered at the Ottawa Humane Society. I put several dogs through obedience school and showed in obedience. I have worked in several positions with animals and especially dogs doing Bylaw Enforcement, Humane Society Animal Care Technician and rescue work.


I saw a Manchester and decided it was the bred for me. A large dog in character but in a small package. I got into breeding Manchester Terriers when I realized there were so few breeders and the breed was endangered of going extinct. I then started to do Confirmation shows, and handling classes to promote the breed.


I got my first dog when Sandy imported Tegan a Manchester Terrier from England. She was my running companion and loving pet. I also did obedience with our dogs prior to confirmation training and shows.

I have handled most of our dogs to their Canadian Championships and some their Grand Championships. I have also helped show Jodi’s dogs.

We bred for health, structure and temperament. We do not want to see our breeds go extinct which is our purpose for breeding. This breed is much to great a companion to have that happen.

I enjoyed the time I had showing and training our Collies of both varieties. It is sad to be getting out of showing and breeding Collies but good knowing our Collie breeding program lines will carry on with younger breeders and help their gene pool.

Our next love is horses. They are like large dogs they love to greet and follow you around. We used to raise Canadian Horses. We also have a Kentucky Mountain horse.


I have had dogs in my life from a young age starting with our family Terrier mix followed by my own larger mixed breed dogs. I started out training and showing Hunter/Jumper with horses as a young adult and made the decision to leave that sport when I returned to school to become a Chiropractor. As an extension of my Chiropractic training, I took a course in Animal Chiropractic and was introduced to the conformation show world through the gait analysis portion of the course.

Through watching video of many different breeds I came across the Manchester Terrier and in looking for breeders found Sandy. I adopted my first Manchester, Cammi, from her in 2012 and never looked back. I learned to show in conformation the following summer and whelped my first litter in 2014. I started training in competitive obedience in 2015 and agility in 2019 and have dabbled in scent work and tracking.

I continue to breed Manchesters but training is my passion and all of my dogs participate in at least one or two sports.

Our houses are where we keep our dogs. To become a registered Kennel in Niagara Falls we are inspected every year by the Niagara Falls Animal Control Officers. We belong to the Canadian Kennel Club and Canadian Manchester Terrier Club. Both Jodi and Sandy are on the board for the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club. Sandy and Simon also are members of the St. Catharines Kennel Club and Seaway Kennel Club.

Showing and breeding for over 30 years

For owners of Moonshadows dogs

Annual Manchester Terrier walks

We try to organize at least one get together each year in the South Western Ontario area for owners of Moonshadows dogs.

We love to see how our puppies have matured and enjoy visiting with our extended Moonshadows family.


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