Moonshadows Kennel

Breeders of Quality Standard Manchester Terriers and Smooth & Rough Collies

We have more than 30 years breeding experience with Standard Manchester Terriers. We have bred and shown Collies for about 15 years.

Our dogs have proven genetics, multiple titles and are raised with love in our home.

All puppies are dewormed, microchipped, health checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated prior to leaving andregistered (CKC certificate).

Moonshadows Kennel has 2 locations:

  • Niagara Falls, Ontario (Sandy and Simon Cunniff)
  • Regina, Saskatchewan (Jodi Parkinson).
Moonshadows kennel


Why Choose Moonshadows Kennel

Health Guarantee

Moonshadows puppies have a well defined health guarantee that covers both short term and longer term as well as genetic health.

Ongoing Support

We give ongoing support to new dog owners and like to keep in contact with our puppies throughout their lives. Our puppies and their owners are our extended family.

Raised with Love

Moonshadows puppies are raised with love in our homes. We provide early neurological stimulation and socialization to help them become optimistic learners open to new things in their lives.

CKC Registration

Moonshadows puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC certificate provided).


Frequently Asked

Are Manchester Terriers hard to train?

Typically they are very biddable and enjoy working with their owners. Many Manchesters participate in performance activities like agility, obedience, scent work and tracking with good success.

It should be noted that they do not do well with harsh correction and when seeking out a trainer it is important to find someone that works with positive training techniques.

Do Manchester terriers shed?

Yes they certainly do! Though they shed much less than a longer haired or double coated breed, Manchesters do change their coat twice a year and will have a small amount of shedding in between. They also produce dander so are not considered to be hypoallergenic at all.

Do Manchesters need a lot of exercise?

Manchesters are generally quite happy to fit into your lifestyle. They are not sedentary so will need some form of exercise daily, whether a walk or play in the yard but they do not require excessive physical exercise.

If you enjoy hiking or running then they can certainly work up to that level of activity over time (young puppies should not be overworked) but they are equally as happy to snuggle under a blanket beside you while you watch a movie.

What they do enjoy is brain exercise, puzzle games, finding hidden treats around the house, a game of hide and seek or eating their meal from a dispenser toy. These are all great options and will often tire them out more than any physical exercise. 

Do Manchesters need much grooming?

Not really. The most important elements of grooming for Manchesters are not coat related. Toenails need to be done very regularly, usually every 2 weeks as they grow rapidly and the quicks will elongate so that it’s hard to get them short again if they get too long. If you aren’t comfortable clipping or grinding them yourself then taking them to a groomer is a good option. Small dogs also tend to have trouble with their anal glands, they can become inflamed or infected if they don’t empty regularly with bowel movements.

Maintaining good fibre in the diet will help them empty naturally but they may occasionally need to be expressed. Again, if this is something you aren’t comfortable with doing then an experienced groomer or Veterinarian should be consulted.

As far as the coat is concerned, a rubber brush is handy to get dead hair out and stimulate the skin and occasional baths are usually all that is required for their coat. They may experience some dandruff immediately after bathing or when in a stressful or exciting situation and they may experience some baldness or thinning of the coat in the colder months when there is less sun.

What about potty training?

Some Manchesters are easier to potty train than others. Young puppies up to around 6 months or more may have trouble defecating on leash or in places that are different from their usual spot (their own back yard for example). They may continue to have accidents until one year of age or even older when they are stressed or anxious. They also tend to not like rainy weather so many have extra trouble doing their business outside under those circumstances.

Be prepared to be patient and consistent with potty habits.

Do I really have to crate train?

Crate training is an important skill for any dog to have. There are many conditions under which a dog may have to be crated, at the Vet for surgery, if they have a physical injury, under emergency circumstances like a flood or fire where you need to take them from your home or just to keep them safe when they are at home alone.

They are also much safer travelling in a crate while in a vehicle; in case of accident they are less likely to be able to escape and run in fear. Almost every one of our owners who has not crate trained their puppy has always said later that they wished they had done it. There are many great online crate training programs available and it’s easiest to do it while the dog is young.

Do I really have to go to training classes? Can't I just train at home?

Training classes are a good opportunity for socializing your puppy around other dogs and people, most dog trainers will still take their own puppies to classes even though they are more than capable of training their dogs themselves because they understand the value of this social exposure.

We highly recommend at least a puppy foundation or obedience class at the very minimum. Classes will also give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with a trainer who can help you navigate training issues throughout your dog’s lifetime.

Are Manchesters prone to separation anxiety?

Because Manchesters bond very strongly with their people they can tend to have trouble with separation anxiety. It is very important to help your puppy by giving regular alone time (whether you leave your home or not) with special treats or chews in a safe, secure place (like a crate or pen) so that they learn that being alone is not scary. If they learn this while they are growing up, they are less likely to have trouble as adults.


What Moonshadows dog owners are saying

Victor and Manchy.

Victor M.

“Our dog Manchy comes from a Moonshadow Kennel. It is our first Manchester terrier and we are so happy with our choice. Many thanks to our breeders, Sandy Cunniff and Jodi Parkinson – their advice and ongoing support is really appreciated!”

Collie Leggo - Moonshadows Kennel.

Sharon G.

“Sandy at Moonshadows is a wonderful breeder. Very caring and continued support. Sandy matched me to the perfect puppy for sports. Thank you for our collie, Leggo. He now has his Novice and Master’s trick tittle and has now started agility and scent detection.”

Abigail, Manchester terrier from Moonshadows Kennel.

Danuta & Barb

“We have experienced the love and complete devotion of 3 beautiful Moonshadows Manchester Terriers. Puppies are happy, healthy and well adjusted emotionally from the time they start growing until they go into new homes. They are provided with everything to grow as loving, loyal, best friends to their human parents. Thank you Jodi, Simon and Sandy for your ongoing support and good advice.”

June and Bussby.

June G.

“We are so grateful to Sandy Cunniff for introducing us to this wonderful breed and for all her advice and continued support over the years. We have had two Moonshadows Manchesters Jake then Busby. Jodi and Sandy have also supported us through issues we have had with our present Manchester who needed a new home even though he is not their lineage. Both Jim and I cannot say enough about Moonshadow Kennels.

Thank you ladies!