Manchester Terriers

Big Dogs in Little Packages!

Manchester Terriers are

  • Intelligent and dedicated family pets and alert watchdogs.
  • Eager to please and quick to learn.
  • Great sports prospects for obedience, flyball, agility and scent work.
  • Clean, usually odorless with virtually maintenance free coats.
  • Very active as puppies but moderate exercise requirements as adults; equally content to sit and cuddle or be a running or exercise companion.
  • Good with children if socialized properly as puppies.
  • Usually good with indoor cats if raised with them.
  • An excellent choice for the urban, suburban, rural, or apartment home.
  • Happiest at their master’s side, velcro dogs.
  • Excellent ratters.

Big Dogs in Little Packages!

Manchester Terrier song

by Nancy Simmonds |

Shilo, Manchester terrier from Moonshadows Kennel.

The Manchester Terrier descended from the Black and Tan Terrier, named as such because of it’s consistent and distinct colour pattern.

Black and tan terriers have existed in England for centuries and were adept at hunting and killing vermin as well as accompanying hounds on the hunt to flush fox out of dens and dense brush.  The Manchester Terrier is a descendant of these original black and tan dogs and was originally bred for “ratting”, or the killing of rats or vermin. They also developed the ability to course small game through the introduction of sighthound blood in the 1800s. Manchesters today still have a strong prey drive and can do these jobs quite well. These traits also contribute to their abilities as performance and sport dogs.

  • black body with a rich mahogany “tan” colour on their legs, chest, and nose.
  • above each intelligent dark brown eye is a tan spot believed to be camouflage for their eyes.
  • on their cheeks is another tan spot known as a “kiss mark”.
  • on the top of each toe there are black stripes called “pencilling”.
  • the black spot on each foreleg just above the paw is known as a “thumb print”.
  • on the chest there is another tan marking known as a “bow tie” or “rosettes”.

These precise markings are important and are part of the breed standard.

Our main purpose in breeding is to preserve these breeds with health, quality and good temperament. Manchester Terriers are recognized worldwide as a vulnerable breed and are in danger of extinction.

Manchester Terriers display enduring loyalty and love to their master and family. They can be a discerning breed and as such, can be content with only those close to them giving them affection. They enjoy outdoor activity but are of a size that does not require large amounts of space to run around, though they do enjoy larger spaces and love to run in circles. They will amuse themselves with toys and chews or play fetch down a hallway.

As Terriers, they love toys and games, things that challenge their mind. They love to work and are generally easy to train. They can be very competitive in obedience, barn hunt, flyball, agility, rally, dance, tracking and scent work; some have even done herding.

They love to cuddle and lay beside you on your couch or bed, especially under blankets. Manchester Terriers love their creature comforts, soft beds and blankets are a must and they are magnets to sunshine, heaters or fireplaces!

We encourage crate training for safety and security when left alone. This is also helpful if your dog has to board somewhere, stay at the Vet or injures themself and has to be confined. To help prevent separation anxiety, have your puppy spend quiet time daily on their own in a crate or pen in a different room when you are home. Feeding them in their crates and giving them special treats or toys filled with treats while in the crate will make the crate a good place to be.

The CKC and the AKC recognize the Manchester Terrier as one breed, two varieties (Toy and Standard) which are divided by size rather than by pedigree. Because of this designation, North American breeders are permitted to interbreed the varieties. The European and Australian kennel clubs recognize the English Toy Terrier (Toy) and the Manchester Terrier (Standard) as separate breeds and do not allow interbreeding. 

Lyra, Moonshadows Fantasy Child.

Our dogs are from European and Australian lines of Manchester Terriers and have not been interbred with Toy Manchester lines. As a result, our dogs tend to be heavier boned and larger so may grow to be too heavy for the accepted CKC or AKC weight standard for a show dog. The AKC breed standard specifies dogs over 22 lbs as a disqualification for the show ring; in Canada it is considered a fault for a show dog to be over 22 lbs. Our dogs tend to be 20 – 28 lbs on average, 15-17″ at the withers.

Being over 22 lbs may prevent a Manchester from having a career as a conformation show dog but in no way affects their great temperaments, good structure and joyful personalities that make them such wonderful pets!

Our dogs are part of our family, they live in our homes and are part of our daily lives. We have shown many dogs over the years, earning many championship awards in conformation. More recently with Jodi, our dogs have also competed in obedience, rally and agility.

All of our dogs and puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Before they leave us they have a health check with the Vet, are dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. All of our puppies can be registered in the United States and other Countries as well.  Older adult dogs are occasionally available.

Sandy and Simon Cunniff, Monnshadows Kennel Breeders.

Sandy & Simon have been showing and breeding Standard Manchester Terriers over 30 years and Jodi started breeding with Moonshadows dogs of her own in 2014.

Jodi Parkinson.

Moonshadows Kennel

Ongoing support for dog owners

We give ongoing support to new dog owners and like to keep in contact with our puppies throughout their lives.  Our greatest joy is receiving pictures of our puppies in their new homes. Watching them grow up via email or Facebook throughout their lives.

Please contact us if you ever have to re-home your dog from us.

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